Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Team Member Profile: Calabaza

Each week we are going to be doing a profile of one of our Artsy Danger Ladies team member's Etsy shops, showing a more in-depth look at their work and personalities. Our first team member to open up here is Calabaza.

Where does your shop name come from?

Calabaza is Spanish for a pumpkin-like squash. I like how every other letter is an a. Simple as that!

How did you get started with your art or craft?
I spent most of my time in school doodling in the margins of my notes. I can't keep my hands still, and still spend meetings drawing.

What are your favorite products to make?
I like using text to decorate pictures. There is something so familiar in it.

What are your favorite things from your shop?

I have recently discovered that even though I don't really like poetry (I just don't get it!), ee cummings has imagery that seems to fit with my work. Therefore I really like the pieces I have done incorporating his poetry.What inspires you?
I just realized recently that I am inspired by nature. There is a common theme of growing things in almost all of my work.

What is your real life like?

Pretty normal. I live in a medium sized town with my husband and son. I teach middle school and love going to bed early. On weekends I like to go for walks in the woods or non-ecological drives through the country roads.

In ten years I'd like to be...
Not burnt out on all of the things that I love now.

To see more of Calabaza's wonderful, whimsical artwork, go here. You can also visit her other shop, Calligraphics, for beautiful custom calligraphy.

Please check back next week for an other profile on one of our very talented team members!


DebbieKL said...

Beautiful artwork Calabaza! The spring print always catches my eye - I love it!

Claire said...

Oh my - the cummings pieces are particularly great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I feel like hot stuff to be the featured.

Prudence said...

Wow! I hadn't checked out Calabaza's work. Love it.